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Student Population of Cannon Tutoring

Students with Accommodations

Many of Cannon Tutoring’s students have learning disabilities documented in IEPs, and are eligible
for accommodations during testing, such as extended time.


Marie Cannon is trained to interpret psychological evaluations and IEPs, and creates a unique
teaching strategy for each student, based on individual needs. A critical ingredient to success is the
ability of the tutor to take specific needs into consideration, when designing coaching strategies for
different tests, as well as for different sections of tests.


Approximately half of Cannon Tutoring students have accommodations, and she has a proven ability
to help these students dramatically improve their scores.


Student Athletes

Another large group of students represented at Cannon Tutoring is student athletes seeking
scholarship money. As a student athlete herself, Marie Cannon has the ability to connect with
these students on that level, which can form a bond around mutual achievement.


Cannon Tutoring’s coaching approach works well with student athletes, as they typically respond
well to coaching methods of pushing their limits, working on mental toughness, and working under
time pressure.


National Merit Scholars

Cannon Tutoring is experienced with students working toward academic scholarships. Typically,
this involves tutoring in advance of the PSAT, which is taken in the Fall of the Junior year, as these
students compete for the National Merit Scholarship.


Florida Bright Futures

The largest population of students Cannon Tutoring has worked with are pursuing the Bright Futures
Scholarships and other scholarships given by the State of Florida.


Download the Florida Bright Futures Eligibility Chart by clicking here.

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