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SAT/ACT Score Improvement. Individualized One-on-One Coaching. Time Tested.

"Cannon Tutoring does an
outstanding job preparing students
to maximize their full potential

on the SAT and ACT."

–Tampa Guidance Counselor

Student, Parent & Guidance Counselor Testimonials

Cannon tutoring is by far the best SAT preparation in town. My son was given
1-1 attention at each session and his confidence and scores improved greatly. Jack’s
increased score enabled him to get into his dream school and he is now pursuing
his passion for music in Nashville. Thank you Marie Cannon!


Samter Family




"My son Jake took the ACT and SAT before receiving tutoring from Marie. He knew he could

do better but he needed guidance on how to study and improve his scores. Marie worked with Jake

on finding a weekly day/time that worked best for his busy schedule. Jake was not looking forward

to tutoring initially, but after one session he was sold and dutifully attended every session

thereafter without any complaints. In fact, he would come home afterwards feeling encouraged

and positive about the progress he was making, telling me how much Marie was helping him.


Marie was able to identify Jake's strengths and weaknesses and together they worked to

improve his test scores. Jake improved his SAT score by 90 points (1330) and his ACT score

by 3 points (29) which qualified him for the Bright Futures Academic Scholars award and

opened doors for several other academic scholarships as well. Marie Cannon is an

excellent tutor and is highly recommended. Thank you Mrs. Cannon."


Samantha and Jake




"As a Guidance Counselor, I have referred many students to Cannon Tutoring over

the past several years. Because of the positive results, improvement in scores and grades,

and the continuity of the program, I have been extremely pleased. I will continue to

recommend Cannon Tutoring as one of the best tutoring services in the Tampa Bay area."


Janice, School Counselor, Tampa Catholic High School




"Marie helped both of our sons with their SAT/ACT test preparations. She helped them both
get academic scholarships so it more than paid for the tutoring sessions. They were both
competitive baseball players and she made up fun and competitive games while learning the
material. She was so good that she ended up working with half of the baseball team."


I highly recommend Marie Cannon.





"My daughter took the SAT two times prior to being introduced to Cannon Tutoring. I was
referred by the counselor at my daughter’s school and knew that the tutoring services must
be great considering the source. I never imagined the outcome would exceed both of our
expectations. Her scores improved a total of 270 points! My daughter now has the opportunity
to admit to more universities as well as attain scholarships thanks to the tutoring provided
by Cannon Tutoring.  We are forever grateful and would recommend them to any student
who wants to excel with the SAT/ACT. Thank you Canon Tutoring."


 Tamara, Grateful Parent




"Marie Cannon showed results for my daughter, we had been to other SAT/ACT tutor
centers but none compared to her results. I found one on one tutoring in a private setting
was key for my daughter and she only had a few sessions with Marie prior to her test date.
Basically she absorbed more in several sessions with Marie than she did with the other
tutor centers which she attended on a weekly basis. My daughter took the SAT 3 times and
I was told by others that her score would not increase on the 3rd try but thanks to
Marie my daughters score increased over 200 points which put her exactly where she
needed to be, I recommend Marie to all my friends with Children in High School."


Thanks Again Marie






"Thanks to Cannon Tutoring I was able to increase my ACT composite
score 10 points and gained admission to the college of my choice."






"Finding a tutor that really knows the ins and outs of standardized testing is not
so easy. After searching on my own, with limited success, I asked the school guidance
counselors that practically came right out and said that Marie Cannon-Burnard walks
on water. Now that my daughter has worked with Marie, I can say that Marie actually
does walk on water. She quickly determined which test my daughter would do best at,
and then worked diligently with her over several months. My daughter’s confidence
soared, and her scores jumped enough, such that she was admitted to several top
universities. To any families looking for a tutor. I say: Hire Marie. She’ll do the rest.”


 Clyde, father of Kristina


I just gave your regards to Kristina... These words just rolled off her tongue...


“I liked her. That lady really knows her sh**. She knows that stuff
inside out, can pinpoint where your struggles are, keeps you focused and
knows how to get you a good a$$ grade, which is what you want.”






"As soon as my daughter started with the Cannon tutoring for the SAT exam
her study habits and techniques for studying drastically changed she was more
focused and she aced the SAT test. She was accepted into every college she applied
for and that’s due to the Cannon study techniques. I am counting the days
for my younger daughter to get enrolled with Cannon tutoring."






"Marie Cannon-Burnard does an outstanding job preparing students to be successful and
maximize their full potential on the SAT and ACT.  I have seen the gains and improvement firsthand
with the students she has prepped and tutored for these very important college entrance exams."


Tommy, Guidance Counselor & Head Basketball Coach




"Cannon Tutoring allowed me to increase my scores on both the
SAT and ACT. I got accepted into both FSU and UF with my scores
and was awarded Bright Futures as well. Ms. Cannon is the BEST
and will help you achieve your desired scores."






"I am a High School Counselor that has referred my students to Marie Cannon-Burnard for
several years. Her tutoring program and strategies have proven very successful in increasing
student’s SAT scores and parents are always pleased with those outcomes!"


C. Rogers




"I first tutored with Mrs. Cannon when I was preparing for the ACT and SAT while at
Jesuit High School. They not only helped raise my scores, but also gave me the confidence
I needed to ensure my best score on test day. Because I was so comfortable and able
to connect with them, I came back to Mrs. Cannon to study for the GRE to obtain
my Masters/MBA. Their efforts to help me in all areas, has gone beyond expectation."


Thanks, Benny




"I started going to Marie for tutoring my Sophomore year of high school for Math,
and continued seeing her for SAT and ACT prep in the following years as well. She was

such a great tutor; so patient and always willing to answer my many questions until
I really understood what was going on. I would absolutely recommend her to
anyone looking for a strong tutor that will go the extra mile to help her students."






"Marie helped me tremendously with studying for both the ACT and SAT. My scores jumped
significantly every time I took the ACT because of Marie’s help, and I was able to get the full Bright
Futures Scholarship. I definitely recommend her for anyone looking for a SAT/ACT tutor."






"I would recommend Cannon Tutoring to a friend or family member. Cannon tutoring
helped me go up 300 points on my SAT and got me accepted into the school I wanted. She
was both a teacher and a friend to me. She gave me the confidence to success overall."


Thank you so much!





"Cannon Tutoring helped me a ton. Marie made the test seem a lot less scary by
breaking down difficult concepts into easy to understand ideas. I have recommended
her to several of my classmates. She even helped edit my college application essay."






"Thanks to Cannon Tutoring I brought my scores up 180 points which was more than
enough to receive 100% Bright Futures and admission to the University of Florida."






“My daughter worked diligently to have a strong resume for college admittance. The weaker
application piece was her SAT/ACT scores so she worked with Ms. Canon to improve on both
tests. She increased her SAT scores 250 points and 4 points on her ACT.  The tutoring helped
secure her Bright Futures scholarship as well as admittance to the University of Florida, her dream
school. She is now a junior at UF and has been admitted into a combined undergraduate/graduate
degree program. One piece of the application process was to take standardized graduate

school tests. Testing skills she learned with Ms. Cannon four years prior continued to help
her with a new set of standardized tests. Both my daughter and I would highly recommend
Ms. Cannon to any highly motived student desiring to increase their test scores.”






"Cannon Tutoring was very easy to work with. Having access to their experience and
expertise helped me to gain a perfect score on the English and Math sections of the ACT,
as well as improve my scores overall to a 33! I would highly recommend their services."






"Cannon Tutoring taught me invaluable methods to help me study for my standardized
tests, allowing me to score a 32 on my ACT! Not only did they help with testing, these
skills they taught translated into my academic courses as well. Thanks to them, I have

free tuition, confidence in test taking, master of vocabulary, and time management."






"With the help of Cannon Tutoring I was able to get a 32 on my ACT and
gain admission to my dream school of the University of Michigan"






"After working with Marie I was able to raise my scores 210 points for a combined score
of 1360 which qualifies me for 100% Bright Futures and many other scholarship offers."






“I was referred to Mrs. Cannon-Burnard for college entrance preparation services through
my son’s high school guidance office.  I was told she would be great as she offered
individualized tutoring services and has had great success in assisting prior students

increase  their ACT/SAT scores.  I did not know what to expect as I knew my son needed
focused support particularly in the area of Math. Through weeks of tutoring
Mrs. Cannon-Burnard has been able to successfully help my son increase his ACT scores
across all subjects. Of note is the increase in his Math ACT score by a total of 9 points. I
highly recommend Mrs. Cannon-Burnard for college entrance tutoring services as her
teaching methods are very effective and reflective in the student’s testing results.”






“Ms. Cannon’s ACT tutoring was extremely beneficial in increasing my son’s scores,
affording acceptance to his first choice of colleges. After taking four ACTs, he achieved
varying increases from one to seven points in three of the four subject areas. As a result,
he received a Bright Futures Scholarship. He met weekly, reviewing specific skill areas
and was provided helpful strategies to use when taking the actual test. Strengths and
weaknesses were targeted to promote success. Encouragement and a positive
“can do” attitude was shared in a comfortable, stress free environment.


I believe this investment in my son’s future was wholeheartedly worthwhile
and am thankful for Ms. Cannon's help and support.”



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