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SAT/ACT Score Improvement. Individualized One-on-One Coaching. Time Tested.

Individualized One-on-One Approach

Cannon Tutoring specializes in SAT/ACT score improvement, employing a highly refined
one-on-one tutoring methodology around the individual needs of each student.


Over the years, Cannon Tutoring has held fast to its individualized one-on-one coaching
approach, despite countless suggestions to tutor in a group setting or ride the current wave
of “boot camps.” Her system works, and the results speak for themselves.


Why use a one-on-one approach?


Because every student is different and an individualized one-on-one approach is what delivers
the highest payoff. With small groups, there is always one student that dominates the teacher’s time
and attention, causing other students to lose focus. One-on-one teaching allows for personalized
strategies, unique teaching material, and a judgement-free atmosphere all while fostering a personal
connection between student and teacher.


What else makes Cannon Tutoring different?


• Florida-certified teacher, five years teaching in Florida public school system

• Graduate level training in testing, psychological evaluation, IEPs, learning disabilities

• Over 20 years as a one-on-one tutor, 15 years in SAT/ACT score improvement

• Tutored over 500 students, 80% have received scholarships, totaling over $1.6 million

• No contracts, students enjoy their tutoring sessions, and are eager to come back.

• No prepayment, pay as you go, stop any time, reschedule with 24 hour notice.

• Sessions are 90 minutes in length, intense one-on-one attention, with high energy teacher

• Unique coaching style, emphasis on connecting with students as their advocate and ally

• Practice with stop watch, making students aware of time component, especially on ACT

• Use of mnemonic devices which help with test-taking anxiety

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